Navigating the Consultation Function as a Buyer

Using this function, buyers can publish their procurement needs (e.g. products, services or technologies) as "Tender Notice" and call for proposals and quotations from suppliers (registered companies on the portal) in one go.
The portal allows you to match with suppliers efficiently.
The key to finding a suitable supplier is to be clear and specific with what you need in your tender notice.

User Guide - Buyer[↓]

To use the portal as a buyer, you are required to register to the MOZUYAN MALL Business Matchmaking System for EXPO2025.
For those who have not completed their registration, please create your user account from the link below.

How to Use the Portal as a Buyer

1. Preparations

Please read the Rules for Publishing Tender Notices to understand what will be necessary to prepare. Think over the items you wish to get quotations for and a list of specifications that you are looking for.

2. Publish your tender notice

  1. i. Go to
  2. ii. Go to Account Manager for Buyers and click on .
  3. iii. Fill in relevant information in your notice
  4. iv. After reviewing the content, click on "Confirm" to submit your provisional tender notice.
  5. *All tender notices are reviewed by the Executive Office before it will be officially published on the portal.
  6. *Please note that you cannot edit the contents on your notice after submission.

3. Open to Applications (responding to proposals and inquiries)

You will be notified by email when suppliers send in offers and inquiries to your notice.
Please respond accordingly as you receive them.
You can check and respond to received proposals and inquiries on in your Buyer's Account Manager page.

[Responding to an inquiry]

You are expected to respond to inquiries in a timely manner - some suppliers draw up their proposals and submit offers after taking into account your responses.

[Deciding on your received offers]

  1. ●Please choose your decisions on each offer/application received - [Start consultations] [Decline the offer (no consultations)]
  2. ●If you wish to hear more details or would like a detailed quotation, please select [Start consultations].
  3. ●At this stage, you are permitted to arrage consultations with multiple suppliers at the same time - selecting [Start consultations] does NOT mean you accept the offer.
  4. *The supplier you chose not to move on to consultations will receive a rejection email from The Office for MOZUYAN MALL Business Matchmaking System for EXPO2025.

4. Consultations

Contact information of companies you chose to start consultations with will become available on your My Page.
You may start your consultations via phone, email, in person, or on the consultation thread in your My Page.

5. Report whether contract is concluded or unsuccessful

Once you find out the contract deal is concluded or unsuccessful, please report the outcome in your My Page.

Rules for Publishing Tender Notices

Using the Consultation function on the MOZUYAN MALL, you are only permitted to call for tenders for suppliers/contractors.
A tender notice is published on the condition that it provides the information of works (goods) and the corresponding remuneration between the buyer (e.g. payer) and the supplier (e.g. product/service provider) upon conclusion of the deal.

Examples of Permissible Tender Notices

  1. ●Tender notices to look for suppliers of products or supplies as well as procurement source
  2. ●Tender notices to look for contractors of works to be rendered
  3. ●Tender notices to look for companies to supply works and services
  4. Tender notices shall be related to procurements for the MOZUYAN MALL(where the user is the buyer of said notice).

"We would like to procure XX" "Our company is looking for companies that can process XX" etc.
Make sure to specify the works in your tender notice Example: "We are looking for ○○ amount of XX (product/service) priced at YY (price) by ZZ (delivery terms).

*You are more likely to receive proposals suited to your needs when your notice is as specific and clear about proposals, orders and conditions of your request as possible.
that you write any specifications and/or current concerns you are facing and wishing to resolve, and leave the details at the consultation stage. This way, the suppliers side will be able to provide different options for your request.

Examples of Unacceptable Tender Notices

Please note that the following items are unacceptable to be published as tender notices and the conducts listed below are prohibited on the portal.

<Basis of Unacceptable Tender Notices>

  1. 1. When the notice does not constitute as a tender (e.g. the user is not the buyer)

<Use of the Service as a Seller>

  1. 2. When the user uses the notice to endorse and advertise their company's products or services
    (e.g. Mention of sales - "Our company is calling for companies to buy our products")
  2. 3. When the notice calls for running a stall/booth at their company's event/festival.
  3. 4. When the notice demands commissions to be paid by the buyer
  4. 5. When the notice requires the buyer to engage in sales expansion activities of the user's products/services including dealership, sales agency, agents and consignment sales.

<No Provision of Remuneration>

  1. 6. When the notice calls for partners, associate companies or joint businesses only, and does not entail specific requirements.
  2. 7. When the notice does not provide any remuneration upon or after concluding the contract.

<Recruitment Activities>

  1. 8. When the notice entails any attempt of recruiting manpower including calls for hiring and dispatching.

<The Business Rules for Proper Use of the MOZUYAN MALL>

  1. 9. When the notice includes explicit information specifying a certain buyer (e.g. name of company, link to a company website etc.)
  2. 10. When the user publishes the notice on behalf of another company
  3. 11. When the notice is a subcontract that the buyer was consigned to undertake by another company

<Violation of Law>

  1. 12. When the notice involves multilevel marketing scheme and/or any related activities that infringe the laws and public order and morals
  2. 13. Examples of Prohibited Products/Services as Tender Notices
    1. i. Illegal goods and services
    2. ii. Memberships
    3. iii. Indecent products and services
    4. iv. Any cash equivalents including securities, postal stamps, revenue stamps and cash vouchers
    5. v. Living creatures, bacteria and viruses


  1. 14. Any items that The Office for MOZUYAN MALL Business Matchmaking System for EXPO2025 deems inappropriate to be published as a tender notice.

*Make sure to select appropriate categories before publishing.
*Please note that in cases where a tender notice does not include appropriate contents or categories, the Office may reject to publish the said notice.

Before you start your e-sourcing activities

It is with our best hope that users will benefit from new opportunities on the portal - henceforth, before start your e-sourcing activities, please read and understand the following.

*Please read*
Contact Us

Please contact the Executive Office below if you have any inquiries about how to use the portal and clarifications etc.
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