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The MOZUYAN MALL Business Matchmaking System for EXPO2025 (hereinafter referred to as "MOZUYAN MALL") is an online portal set up by the Osaka Prefectural Government to support procurement efforts relative to the World Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai. For companies/organizations wishing to procure supplies, services, works and provision of services related to the World Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai, it provides information about Osaka-based suppliers and their products and services. Further, it aims to facilitate business matchings by disseminating notices posted by Osaka-based suppliers.

Eligible companies and organizations to register and use the MOZUYAN MALL

As a Suppliers Small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations based in Osaka Prefecture

As a Buyers Companies from Japan and from overseas, Exposition association, Osaka Prefectural Government etc.

Services and Functions of the MOZUYAN MALL

List of Suppliers (Supplier Search)

You can view the list of Osaka-based SMEs registered on the portal as suppliers and find a match by searching through different categories. From the company profile page, you can also directly make an offer (inquiry) about specifics.

Business matchmaking

You can call for quotations and proposals for purchase, procurement and contracting of products/services from registered suppliers.
Suppliers can follow categories of interest and receive an alert whenever there is a newly published notice under selected categories. They may send in preliminary questions, proposals and application for said notice.
Buyers can arrange business meeting with suppliers that they are interested to work with among those who have sent in proposals or applications.

Information-Sharing with The BusinessMall

The Business Mall, a business matching platform for the member companies of the Chamber and Societies of Commerce and Industry around Japan(operated by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry) enables buyers to search suppliers and to call for pro posals from member companies across Japan.

1List of Suppliers  Click on "Search on The Business Mall" - you will be redirected to The Business Mall website where your search and offers expands to all member companies across Japan.

2Business matchmaking  All notices posted by buyers will be crossposted to The Business Mall - your posts will be open for applications from member companies of Chambers and Societies of Commerce and Industry across Japan. Conversely, any EXPO-related notices posted on The Business Mall will be synced to our portal and suppliers can apply to those notices, too.

Create Your Account to Use the MOZUYAN MALL

You need to create your user account in order to use the functions of Business meeting (as a supplier or a buyer) and the List of Suppliers (to post as a supplier).
*You can still view, search and make an offer (inquiry) on the List of Suppliers function without registration.

Flow of User Registration

Click "Register"

Select the account type: Buyer or Supplier

As a buyer You can call for quotations and proposals for purchase, procurement and contracting of products/services from registered suppliers.

As a supplier You can submit a proposal and application for notices posted by buyers. You can publish your company profile to the List of Suppliers.
*To register as a supplier, your company office must be located within Osaka Prefecture.

Find your company and fill in necessary information

Search for the name of your company (Japanese reading). If your company is already in the registry, no need to fill in the company information.

Once you received a confirmation email, set your password to complete the registration.

  • If your company is not a member of any Chamber or Society of Commerce and Industry, you will be required to submit your financial statements or final return form. Make sure to have these documents ready with you before applying.
  • Your email address will be used as your User ID. If you already have an account, please ensure that you register with a different email address.
  • You can register multiple users under the same company.
  • Please note that while user information is private, it will become visible to users who you are in business meeting with.
  • Please contact the Executive Office if you are unsure about your registered information.

Please check your inbox for the confirmation email for temporary registration.
Once your application is reviewed and processed by the Executive Office, you will receive the confirmation email for completed registration.
The Executive Office may contact you for further verification via phone or email.


In addition to the above explanation, if you have any questions regarding the use of this site, please click

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Launched by: Small and Medium Enterprise Support Office Business Support Division ,Department of Commerce, Industry and Labor, Osaka Prefectural Government
Operated by: Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Information Service Division


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